Fish Enthusiast Joins AFS Staff

American Fisheries Society would like to welcome Steven Kambouris to the staff. Steven is an avid fisherman from Baltimore County, Maryland. After twelve years of military duty in the Army, he received an undergraduate degree in political science and sociology from Augusta University in Georgia. He is now in the process of completing a masters degree in Public Management at Johns Hopkins University. Steven was also recently selected to be a Tillman Scholar for 2018. He frequently competes in fishing competitions, most recently in a Snakehead fishing competition on May 26th. This competition was not just to claim a win, but its goal is also to help reduce the number of Snakeheads, an invasive species, in Maryland waters. Kambouris also runs his own YouTube channel (Kambotrout) where he films his fishing trips and exhibits his latest catches. Steven feels at home at the American Fisheries Society stating that “everyone dreams about finding a job which aligns with our passions. I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones! Being a die-hard fisherman and getting to work at the American Fisheries Society to help further the cause of fisheries and environmental advocacy is an absolute privilege. I look forward to working with and helping fisheries professionals around the country – and sneaking in my time on the water as opportunities present themselves!” Steven is currently serving as Meetings and Programs Coordinator at AFS Headquarters.