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Latest Journal Impact Factors for AFS Journals

The newly released 2017 Impact Factors show gains for four of six AFS publications, with the North American Journal of Fisheries Management and Marine and Coastal Fisheries making substantial jumps. Journal 2017 IF 2016 IF 2015 IF 2017 Ranking 2016 Ranking Eigenfactor Score Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 1.017 0.906 0.859 33/50 Fisheries; 64/140 Veterinary... Read More

RECORDING: Annual Meeting Preview Webinar

Join members of the Atlantic City planning team and AFS staff for a preview of the 148th Annual Meeting! Learn about our meeting site, symposia highlights, education offerings, student activities, transportation logistics, and things to do in Atlantic City. Presenters include: Jeff Brust – Meeting Co-chair Shawn Johnston – AFS Meetings Manager Daphne Munroe –... Read More

Hearing Moves Magnuson-Stevens Towards Vote in House

The House Rules Committee members heard testimony on H.R. 200 on Monday, a bill that seeks to amend the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA).  They will take up the bill again today and it could go to the full House tomorrow for a vote. However, the House is embroiled on immigration issues which... Read More

New AFS Journal Editors-in-Chief

One the primary recommendations of a special publications workshop held in May 2017 in Reno, Nevada, was the creation of Editor-in-Chief (EIC) positions for four of the AFS journals. EIC duties include assigning manuscripts to the appropriate Editor and Associate Editor, recruiting and mentoring Editors and Associate Editors, soliciting manuscripts, ensuring that journal objectives and... Read More

Experts Gather for Marine and Inland “CHOW” in Washington

Convened by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF), Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW) brought together several AFS partners and government officials in one space to talk about issues like aquaculture, adaptive management, NOAA’s “blue economy,” coastal community vulnerabilities, and climate change impacts. CHOW is an annual event that examines current marine, coastal, and Great Lakes... Read More

Fish Enthusiast Joins AFS Staff

American Fisheries Society would like to welcome Steven Kambouris to the staff. Steven is an avid fisherman from Baltimore County, Maryland. After twelve years of military duty in the Army, he received an undergraduate degree in political science and sociology from Augusta University in Georgia. He is now in the process of completing a masters... Read More

Three Visualization Approaches for Communicating and Exploring Passive Integrated Transponder Tag Data

As the number, size, and complexity of ecological data sets have increased, narrative and interactive raw data visualizations have emerged as important tools for exploring and understanding these large data sets. As a demonstration, we developed three visualizations to communicate and explore passive integrated transponder tag data from two long‐term field studies. We created three... Read More

Reclaiming a Space for Diadromous Fish in the Public Psyche and Sense of Place

Diadromous species historically dominated the freshwater fish community in coastal northeastern United States rivers. As these fishes declined in concert with sweeping alterations to the region’s waterscapes, so too did their utility, visibility, and relevance to each passing human generation. Due to their historically iconic status, we used endangered Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar as a springboard in... Read More