Webinar on July 17: Chemistry to Conservation: Using Otoliths to Advance Fisheries Management

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

1 pm Eastern Time

Presented by:

  • Andrew Carlson – Michigan State University

Sponsored by the AFS Education Section

Otolith chemistry (aka, otolith microchemistry) is an effective technique for evaluating fish environmental history in diverse contexts. The science of otolith chemistry spans a variety of fisheries topics (e.g., natal origins, habitat use, movement, stock discrimination, statistical theory), yet management implications and applications of this tool remain largely unexplored. This webinar will focus on multiple aspects of otolith chemistry (e.g., history, current and future use, study design), with particular emphasis on how fisheries and aquatic resource professionals can use this technique to inform recreational and commercial fisheries management. Participants will come away from the webinar with a firm understanding of how otolith chemistry is advancing fisheries science and sustainability.

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