Clean Water Rule (WOTUS) Letter Submission Form for Scientists

Recently, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed to rescind the Clean Water Rule. (Details available on the Federal Register). The Clean Water Rule, which was developed using the best available, peer-reviewed science, clarifies which waters are and are not categorically protected under the Clean Water Act. Specifically, the Clean Water Rule ensures that tributaries, including ephemeral and intermittent streams, and waters adjacent to those tributaries, including wetlands and oxbows, are protected as jurisdictional waters based on their physical, chemical, and biological connections to the navigable waterways that have traditionally been recognized as Waters of the United States. Repealing the rule will (again) put these ecologically significant waterways at risk.

American Rivers drafted a letter opposing the repeal of the Clean Water Rule and is seeking individuals to sign on (limited to U.S. scientists only). This is a great way to engage if you do not have the time or capacity to draft a comment letter of your own, and signing does not preclude you from submitting other comments. Please note that while American Rivers authored the letter and is collecting signatures, it will be submitted without any organizational affiliation.

You can review and sign the letter by following the link below by August 28, 2017: