AFS Members Tyrell DeWeber and Tyler Wagner Honored by National Fish Habitat Partnership

DeWeber_PhotoIn early March, the National Fish Habitat Partnership and the Habitat Section of the American Fisheries Society were honored to present Tyler Wagner and Tyrell DeWeber  with the National Fish Habitat Award for Excellence in Scientific Achievement. DeWeber and Wagner (Penn State University) received the award for work on eastern Brook Trout habitat modeling. In 2015, they produced a number of peer-reviewed articles and related tools recognized as outstanding achievements in the use of science to support the conservation of Brook Trout habitat throughout the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture (EBTJV) region. The scientific achievements of Wagner and DeWeber include predictive maps of water temperature and Brook Trout occurrence and a better understanding of factors influencing water temperature and Brook Trout occurrence. These actions resulted in an advancement of communicating predicted climate change effects to the public. These tools and findings provide a good foundation for supporting the work of EBTJV partners to prioritize monitoring and conservation activities in individual stream reaches throughout the region, as well as building further public support for fish habitat conservation. Tom Champeau, National Fish Habitat Board Chair, presented the National Fish Habitat Awards at the March meeting of the National Fish Habitat Board, held at the Nature Conservancy in Arlington, Virginia.