Symposium Summary: Implementation of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan: Progress in Protecting, Restoring and Enhancing Fish Habitats, Fish and Fisheries in the United States

Sponsors: National Fish Habitat Partnership, AFS Fish Habitat Section This symposium reviewed progress of the National Fish Habitat Partnership, and its embedded network of 19 regional and system-based Fish Habitat Partnerships, in advancing cooperative conservation of fish habitats in the United States. The symposium began with presentations on the latest regional and national assessments of the status and trends of the nation’s fish habitats, including a preview of the 2015 National Fish Habitat Assessment. Regional conservation challenges were then examined for a variety of fish habitats and aquatic system types including: headwaters streams, large rivers, natural lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, and near-shore marine environments. Strategic conservation plans and decision support tools were also illustrated and will help guide and inform local actions to address these conservation challenges. The symposium wrapped up with case studies of successful fish habitat protection, restoration, and enhancement projects. These case studies discussed science-based strategies and emerging best practices for the conservation of specific systems and fish habitat types, and highlighted innovative approaches to fundraising, public outreach, partner engagement, and community-based restoration that have expanded the collective footprint of fish habitat conservation efforts in the United States. —Timothy Birdsong, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, [email protected] Read the abstracts here.