Policy Statements

Historical Archive of Official Policy Statements of the American Fisheries Society

The American Fisheries Society has crafted 38 official policy statements to provide science-based, objective information for policy makers.

However, only one policy statement remains valid based on our current AFS rules, which dictate that “[u]nless specified otherwise, all policy statements will be reconsidered by the [Resource Policy Committee] after five years to assure relevancy to current membership concerns.” AFS Policy staff completed a detailed review of the Society’s policy work in 2016, deciding to shift from official policy statements and background documents to a more proactive effort designed to reflect opportunities to make use of the best available information on fisheries and aquatic resources.

One AFS policy statement remains current; all other policies and background documents are listed below in our “archives.” Those documents are available for historical purposes and do not necessarily reflect Society positions or best available knowledge.

Current AFS Policy Statements

Archived AFS Policy Statements