Freshwater, Fish and the Future: Proceedings of the Global Cross-Sectoral Conference

Drivers and Synergies in the Management of Inland Fisheries: Searching for Sustainable Solutions

Abigail J. Lynch, T. Douglas Beard, Jr., Anthony Cox, Ziga Zarnic, Sui C. Phang, Caroline C. Arantes, Randell Brummett, Joppe f. Cramwinckel, Line J. Gordon, Md. Akbal Husen, Jiashou Liu, Phu Hoa Nguy.n, and Patrick K. Safari

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9789251092637.ch17

Abstract .—Water availability is driven by external forces, including climate change and human population growth. Inland fisheries are one of many social and economically important sectors that utilize inland waters. Increasingly, the competition for water leads to tough decisions and trade-offs are often made between water resource sectors. However, decisions that consider multiple sectors can lead to synergies in management approaches (i.e., win–win scenarios), which benefit multiple sectors. Ultimately, in searching for sustainable solutions for fish, these ecologically and socially responsible approaches can contribute to improved health, well-being, and prosperity for all water resource sectors.