Freshwater Fisheries in Canada: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Resources and Their Management

Chapter 6: Status and Management of Fisheries Resources in Canada’s Northern Territories

Peter A. Cott, Louise Chavarie, Cynthia A. Paszkowski, Heidi K. Swanson, and William M. Tonn


Canada’s three territories, Yukon Territory (Yukon), Northwest Territories (NWT), and Nunavut (NU), comprise a vast northern geographical area. Although often lumped together as “the territories” (e.g., this chapter), significant differences in fisheries resources and the types and stages of Indigenous land claims influence each territory’s fisheries management regime. In this chapter, we provide an overview to facilitate a general understanding of these unique northern fisheries by describing the (1) underlying environment, (2) status and management of fisheries resources, and (3) issues and future challenges to fisheries and their management.