Case Studies in Fisheries Conservation and Management: Applied Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Case 25: Dear Old Dad: Fisheries Meets the Stock Market

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781934874189.ch25

Dear John,

I hope all is going well for you in your last semester at college. I still wish that you had gone into a real field like business or engineering, but I guess we’ll find out soon whether you can actually make a living as a fisheries biologist. Anyway, maybe you can put all that book knowledge to work for your dear old Dad, because I actually have a fisheries question for you.

Your uncle George called today with a hot tip on a stock that he says I should buy immediately, because it looks like this company is going to make a killing in the next few years. It’s some company that makes that fish oil stuff that health nuts take every day. The fish oil comes from some nasty fish that isn’t much good for anything else, so it might as well be turned into a useful product. More and more people are becoming health-food wackos these days, so it certainly seems like this is a business that could grow. George got this idea from some investment newsletter that he pays big bucks for, so I’m sure the information is good. Plus, George knows all about this company and that little fish because they’re both around the Chesapeake Bay where he lives. I’ve attached the stock tip that I got from George so that you can read about it. It sounds like a great investment to me, but I wanted to ask you about it since you’re always talking about fish, fisheries, conservation, management, yada yada yada…

Here’s your chance to show me that all the money I spent on your education was worth something! Get back to me ASAP (this week) on this, because I want to send George some money quickly to get in on this deal. In fact, I think I’ll use the cash that I won’t have to spend on your tuition next year!

Later (but not too much!),