Eels at the Edge: Science, Status, and Conservation Concerns

International Eel Symposium Panel Presentations and Discussions


When we organized this international symposium, David and I agreed that we didn’t want just another eel symposium, but we wanted one that would move the concern about the decline of the species to a new level. We decided to include a panel discussion in the symposium so that people could air their personal observations, comments, and suggestions. We were very fortunate that each person we approached for the panel enthusiastically supported our efforts. We were able to assemble people who can help us start to address this issue, and most importantly, we were able to get Mike Jones as moderator/facilitator. Mike is a professor at Michigan State University and a colleague of mine. We used to work together at the Glenora Fisheries Station. When Mike left Glenora, we stayed in touch, so I’m really pleased to have Mike here with us. We thank him for agreeing to our request to act as moderator.