Black Carp: Biological Synopsis and Risk Assessment of an Introduced Fish

Chapter 2: Methods


This publication is based largely on a comprehensive review of published and unpublished information and on information provided by a wide range of experts from around the world. We examined and cite more than 300 references, including many primary sources dealing specifically with black carp or closely related species. In addition, we present new data and analyses (e.g., Chapters 7 and 14). Compared with earlier black carp reports, the current document incorporates a substantial amount of new information not reviewed by the disbanded Risk Analysis and Management Committee. However, it has undergone peer review by a number of ichthyologists, fisheries biologists, and other researchers.

In spite of its importance, many aspects of black carp biology and ecology are either poorly known or the data not widely circulated. Much of the available information on the species’ biology and natural history is based on studies published in foreign languages, mostly Chinese and Russian. Several publications provide partial reviews of black carp biology. For example, Evtushenko et al. (1994), in an English translation of their 1993 Russian paper, partially summarize published information on black carp diet, growth, maturation, reproduction, and other topics. The paper lists more than 60 references, including a few Russian publications or reports that we have been unable to locate.