Black Carp: Biological Synopsis and Risk Assessment of an Introduced Fish


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Leo G. Nico, James D. Williams, and Howard L. Jelks

337 pages, hardcover, index

Published by the American Fisheries Society, July 2005



Special Publication 32

This book is a detailed risk assessment and biological synopsis of the black carp, a large mollusk-eating cyprinid fish native to eastern Asia. A great deal of controversy surrounds the presence of this foreign fish in the United States. Most of those associated with the aquaculture industry view black carp as an important tool in controlling.

Major subjects addressed are (1) taxonomy, description, and distinguishing characteristics of the species; (2) native distribution; (3) biology and natural history, with emphasis on diet and reproduction; (4) history of the species in world aquaculture; (5) history of introduction within and outside the United States; (6) use as a biological control control agent, including a review of digenetic trematodes and snail-borne parasites of special concern and methods used for control; (7) alternatives to the use of black carp; (8) environmental tolerance and potential geographic range; and (9) risks associated with its introduction. The book also includes substantial information on the other Chinese carp species, including bighead carp, silver carp, and grass carp.

Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgments

1. Introduction

2. Methods

3. Taxonomy, Synonymy, and Common Names

4. Description and Distinguishing Characteristics

5. Native Geographic Distribution

6. Biology and Natural History

7. Diet and Gape Size

8. Associated Diseases and Parasites

9. History of Use and Culture

10. History and Status of Introduced Populations Outside

11. Introduction of Black Carp into the United States

12. Digeneans: Snail-Borne Parasites of Concern to Aquaculture

13. Control of Mollusks: Use of Black Carp and Alternatives

14. Native Mollusks and Black Carp

15. Potential Geographic Range

16. Risk Assessment Process

17. Overview

Appendices References