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A Historical Record of Sawfish in the Southern Gulf of Mexico: Evidence of Diversity Loss Using Old Photos

ABSTRACT: Despite the conspicuous character of sawfish (Pristis spp.) in shallow estuarine waters, current records in the southern Gulf of Mexico are so scarce that they have been declared locally extinct from many areas where they formerly occurred (Fernandez-Carvalho et al. 2013). In Mexican waters of the Gulf of Mexico, historical reports for sawfish exist for... Read More

Conserving Pacific Lamprey through Collaborative Efforts

Pacific Lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus) have been an important part of the ecological community and co-evolved with aquatic species of the western rivers of the United States. Scarce information on Pacific Lamprey has hindered conservation and management efforts. To assess and conserve Pacific Lamprey, we developed a conservation initiative composed of three parts: assessment, conservation agreement,... Read More

Sustaining Freshwater Recreational Fisheries in a Changing Environment

Learning to Manage and Managing to Learn: Sustaining Freshwater Recreational Fisheries in a Changing Environment ABSTRACT: Freshwaters are being transformed by multiple environmental drivers, creating uncertainty about future conditions. One way of coping with uncertainty is to manage for resilience to unanticipated events while facilitating learning through adaptive management. We outline the application of these... Read More

Principios para desarrollar programas efectivos de monitoreo de pesquerías comerciales

RESUMEN: El monitoreo de actividades pesqueras es un componente esencial en las pesquerías manejadas adecuadamente y puede ofrecer datos verificables, dependientes de la pesquería, acerca de las actividades de pesca y ayuda a evaluar el desempeño y éxito de los planes de manejo. Manejadores e involucrados en las pesquerías suelen batallar con el desarrollo e implementación de programas efectivos de... Read More

Guiding Principles for Development of Effective Commercial Fishery Monitoring Programs

ABSTRACT: Monitoring of fishing activities is an essential component of successful fisheries management that can provide verifiable fishery-dependent data on fishing activities and help assess performance and success of fisheries management plans. Fishery managers and stakeholders have often struggled in developing and implementing effective monitoring programs due to lack of information, funding, and peer-to-peer learning from existing monitoring programs.... Read More