Fisheries Abstracts

Applications of Genetic Data to Improve Management and Conservation of River Fishes and Their Habitats

Dana M. Infante, Erin Landguth, Winsor H. Lowe, Gordon Luikart, Clint C. Muhlfeld, Kim T. Scribner, and Gary E. Whelan Environmental variation and landscape features affect ecological processes in fluvial systems; however, assessing effects at management-relevant temporal and spatial scales is challenging. Genetic data can be used with landscape models and traditional ecological assessment data... Read More

Reconnecting Fragmented Sturgeon Populations in North American Rivers

Henriette I. Jager, Michael J. Parsley, Joseph J. Cech, Jr., Robert L. McLaughlin, Patrick S. Forsythe, Robert F. Elliott, and Brenda M. Pracheil The majority of large North American rivers are fragmented by dams that interrupt migrations of wide-ranging fishes like sturgeons. Reconnecting habitat is viewed as an important means of protecting sturgeon species in... Read More

A Resilience Approach Can Improve Anadromous Fish Restoration

John Waldman, Karen A. Wilson, Martha Mather, and Noah P. Snyder Most anadromous fish populations remain at low levels or are in decline despite substantial investments in restoration. We explore whether a resilience perspective (i.e., a different paradigm for understanding populations, communities, and ecosystems) is a viable alternative framework for anadromous fish restoration. Many life history traits... Read More

DNA Authentication of Fish Product Reveals Mislabeling Associated with Seafood Processing

Marta Muñoz-Colmenero, Oscar Blanco, Vanessa Arias, Jose Luis Martinez, and Eva Garcia-Vazquez Seafood mislabeling is a problem worldwide because it may cause underreporting of species exploitation and have detrimental effects on endangered species conservation. The persistence of this problem has been documented for important commercial species, revealing the need to devote more effort to provide... Read More

Progress and Challenges of Testing the Effectiveness of Stream Restoration in the Pacific Northwest Using Intensively Monitored Watersheds

Stephen Bennett, George Pess, Nicolaas Bouwes, Phil Roni, Robert E. Bilby, Sean Gallagher, Jim Ruzycki, Thomas Buehrens, Kirk Krueger, William Ehinger, Joseph Anderson, Chris Jordan, Brett Bowersox, and Correigh Greene Across the Pacific Northwest, at least 17 intensively monitored watershed projects have been implemented to test the effectiveness of a broad range of stream restoration... Read More