Annual Meeting

Symposium Summary: Implementation of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan: Progress in Protecting, Restoring and Enhancing Fish Habitats, Fish and Fisheries in the United States

Sponsors: National Fish Habitat Partnership, AFS Fish Habitat Section This symposium reviewed progress of the National Fish Habitat Partnership, and its embedded network of 19 regional and system-based Fish Habitat Partnerships, in advancing cooperative conservation of fish habitats in the United States. The symposium began with presentations on the latest regional and national assessments of the status... Read More

Symposium Summary: Give a Fish Its Due: Nongame Native Fish of the Western United States

Sponsors: Oregon Chapter AFS Native Fish Committee, The Native Fish Society The “Nongame Native Fish of the Western United States” symposium featured lesser known yet fascinating species that are sometimes relegated to miscellaneous columns of datasheets. Despite the diversity, range declines, and relatively unknown ecology of western nongame fishes, many species are not particularly valued... Read More

Symposium Summary: Frontiers in Otolith Chemistry: Insights, Advances and Future Directions

Sponsors: Estuaries Section, Marine Fisheries Section The symposium “Frontiers in Otolith Chemistry: Insights, Advances and Future Directions” was a comprehensive survey of the state of otolith chemistry and highlighted exciting new directions in the field.  Co-sponsored by the Estuaries and Marine Fisheries sections, the symposium spanned 1.5 days, included 31 presentations and 3 posters, and... Read More

Symposium Summary: Fisheries Sustainability, Crime, and Enforcement: Whodunnit and How Do We Manage It?

Sponsors: American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists, Environmental Science and Policy Program (MSU), Great Lakes Fishery Commission Law enforcement is an often overlooked, undervalued, and underrepresented component of effective management and conservation programs for marine and freshwater fisheries. The keynote presentation in this symposium detailed law enforcement as a critical fisheries management tool in enforcing... Read More

Symposium Summary: Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management: It’s Not as Daunting as Some Think

“Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management: It’s Not as Daunting as Some Think” provided an overview from resource managers, scientists, and fishing industry representatives about what’s already being done to move ecosystem-based management from theory to practice. Panelists focused on new tools and practices revolving around the relationship between predators and prey, a critical piece of information for... Read More

Symposium Summary: Conserving Cool- and Cold-Water Lake and Stream Fishes through a Warmer 21st Century: Science, Management, and Policy Needs

This symposium brought together 36 presentations and 7 posters from a wide range of aquatic ecosystems to highlight the basic building blocks required for successful adaptation to climate change in order to conserve cool- and cold-water fishes. Science needs for adaption include high-quality, high-resolution, temperature data under both past and future climate conditions, as well... Read More

Symposium Summary: Actions and Dialog to Change Perceptions and Increase Engagement of Underrepresented Minorities in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

This panel and audience symposium engaged panelist and the audience in a discussion of personal stories, why they cared about increasing diversity and suggested steps to increase the welcoming of diverse cultures within AFS and the profession. The panel composition was of both AFS members and non-members. The moderator Mamie Parker, former assistant director of... Read More

Photo of two members at the annual meeting poster session of the American Fisheries Society annual meeting

Improving Communication/Cooperation Among Aquatic Professional Societies

[su_members message=”This content is for members only. Please login.”    color=”#ffcc00″ login_text=”login”    login_url=”/membership/member-login/” class=””]At the 2014 North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) 34th International Symposium in Tampa, Florida, a session was held to discuss how NALMS, the American Fisheries Society (AFS), and the Aquatic Plant Management Society (APMS) could better communicate/cooperate using the strengths of... Read More