News Bites

AFS Helps Rebuild Estuaries in Puerto Rico

Impressive Turnout as AFS Volunteers Help Rebuild Estuaries in San Juan Nearly 100 AFS and partner volunteers turned out to support the San Juan Chapter as it helps rebuild estuaries on the island. The first effort was at Ocean Park Beach, since the Aviones Beach suffered too much damage to allow volunteers. Piñones is an... Read More

Commerce Secretary Wades into Marine Fisheries Management

As Commerce chief, Secretary Wilbur Ross’ portfolio includes oversight of NOAA, but it is rather unusual for a cabinet level official to wade into federal fisheries management decisions.  National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS or NOAA Fisheries), a unit within NOAA is charged with management of the nation’s fisheries. With the help of the six regional... Read More

News Bites – February 2017

“The Amazon Reef That Keeps Being Discovered” Will the amount of plastic in the ocean exceed that of fish? “Blanket of blue blubber jellyfish covers Queensland beach” Granddad: Australian lungfish and conservation ambassador What does the future hold for the Yaqui catfish “Bahamas has the largest shark diving economy in the world” Mixing ocean science with art to reach... Read More

News Bites – January 2017

Ruby seadragon spotted in the wild The aquatic twilight zone “The loneliest whale in the world?” Is there a link between warming waters & lobster landings? “The 7 Wonderful Pikes, Pickerels, and Muskies of the World!“ Have you met the oxeye oreodory? “In Search of Suckers” Archerfish spit water above and below water Nudibranchs: “jewels” and... Read More

NOAA and AFS: Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management

  AFS is entering the third year of its most recent cooperative agreement with NOAA Fisheries. AFS has been working with NOAA Fisheries since 2015 to disseminate news about the agency’s work on ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management. We organized three congressional briefings in 2015 and are working on one for the coming months. As... Read More

News Bites – December 2016

The arapaima family tree is expanding “‘Catch’ the holiday spirit” Not all leatherback turtles travel afar “Caviar, climate change and a Great Lakes fish” Osprey models, GoPros and sunfish “These Fish Evolved to Live in Extremely Toxic Water” New fish species named after President Barack Obama “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the intertidal zone” Gila topminnows... Read More

Invasive Species Executive Order

On December 5th, President Obama continued to build on his legacy to protect our aquatic resources by issuing an Executive Order. The recently issued Executive Order – Safeguarding the Nation from the Impacts of Invasive Species, takes aim at existing policy given the fact that invasive species costs the U.S. billions of dollars in negative... Read More

News Bites – November 2016

Isotopes reveal Lake Ontario’s Atlantic salmon did not go to the ocean “Joys of Catfishing” New species of cave fish discovered after a flood Have you met the “Aliens of the Deep” sea? Get to know the killer cone snail “Why fish send red signals in the deep blue sea” Lake Superior’s Chinook salmon deemed self-sustaining... Read More

News Bites – October 2016

Counting all the fishes in the sea “Robotic Mussels Are Here to Help Save the World” FishFace: identifying fish with a headshot The latest in telemetry: self-charging tags Do zebrafish prefer real or robotic zebrafish? Can a robotic fish tackle Great Lakes sea lamprey? How many birthdays do fish celebrate? “Seabirds’ Death-Defying Dives” Algae toxin detected in San Francisco’s... Read More

News Bites – September 2016

Toxins and toxicants in sharks “Coral, Explained” The rise of seas and tidal flooding “New crab species discovered in Chinese fish market” The plight of California’s Chinook salmon “The tidal wetlands of California’s Elkhorn Slough” 1 in 5 seafood samples are not what you think “The 7 Wonderful Gar Of The World” Tiny shells made by... Read More