World Fishes Important to North Americans (paper)


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C. R. Robins et al.

243 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, 1991


Special Publication 21

This list (exclusive of species from the continental waters of the United States and Canada) was prepared to meet the increasing need for standardized common names of fishes important in some way to North Americans but not part of the North American marine or freshwater fauna. Nine categories include common and scientific names of more than 2,000 species valued in the food, bait, and aquarium trades or for their scientific, educational, aquacultural, or sportfishing qualities.

This book includes:

* Aquarium fishes * Bait fishes * Aquaculture * Food fishes * Industrial fishes (fertilizer, fish meal, pet food, novelty items) * Poisonous or venomous fishes * Sport fishes * Textbook and popular press fishes (e.g., coelacanth, mudskippers, piranhas) * Other (e.g., biological control agents, species used in medical research)

This book is intended for:

* professional ichthyologists * aquarists * sportsmen * commercial fishermen * editors * writers * educators * lawyers * legislators * law enforcement officials and * fish enthusiasts

Table of Contents

List of Families

Introduction Plan of List Family Accounts Scientific Name Preferred Common Name Other Names Importance Occurrence Index Principles Governing Selection of Common Names Acknowledgments References

Family and Species Accounts Class Myxini — Hagfishes Class Cephalaspidomorphi — Lampreys Class Elasmobranchiomorphi — Cartilaginous Fishes Class Osteichthyes — Bony Fishes


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