Influences of Forest and Rangeland Management on Salmonid Fishes and Their Habitats


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W. R. Meehan, editor

622 pages Published by American Fisheries Society Publication date: 1991


Special Publication 19

Thorough reviews of the ways forestry, grazing, mining, and recreation affect salmonid resources, and of the best management practices to mitigate those effects. Emphasis is on western North America, but the principles are broadly relevant elsewhere.

This book is intended for:

* resource scientists * resource managers * fishery biologists * conservationists * fishery, forest and other natural resource management students

Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgments List of Fish Species List of Trees and Shrubs Symbols and Abbreviations

Introduction and Overview W. R. Meehan

Stream Ecosystems M. L. Murphy and W. R. Meehan

Salmonid Distributions and Life Histories W. R. Meehan and T. C. Bjornn

Habitat Requirements of Salmonids in Streams T. C. Bjornn and D. W. Reiser

Natural Processes D. N. Swanston

Timber Harvesting, Silviculture, and Watershed Processes T. W. Chamberlin, R. D. Harr, and F. H. Everest

Forest Chemicals L. A. Norris, H. W. Lorz, and S. V. Gregory

Road Construction and Maintenance M. J. Furniss, T. D. Roelofs, and C. S. Yee

Water Transportation and Storage of Logs J. R. Sedell, F. N. Leone, and W. S. Duval

Processing Mills R. N. Thut and D. C. Schmiege

Livestock Grazing W. S. Platts

Mining R. L. Nelson, M. L. McHenry, and W. S. Platts

Recreation R. N. Clark and D. R. Gibbons

Responses of Salmonids to Habitat Changes B. J. Hicks, J. D. Hall, P. A. Bisson, and J. R. Sedell

Rehabilitating and Modifying Stream Habitats G. H. Reeves, J. D. Hall, T. D. Roelofs, T. L. Hickman, and C. O. Baker

Economic Considerations in Managing Salmonid Habitats D. D. Huppert and R. D. Fight

Fish Habitat Planning P. Brouha

Managing Salmonid Habitats J. L. Kershner, H. L. Forsgren, and W. R. Meehan

References Glossary Index