Electronic Services Advisory Board

The Electronic Services Advisory Board (ESAB) provides oversight and coordination for electronic membership services, including those pertaining to AFS communications, publications, meetings, unit functions, and the content and structure of the AFS web site. Its goal is to maintain high standards of technical content and presentation, ease and continuity of membership access, and review of new electronic tools for membership services according to policies set forth in the current Strategic Plan of the Society.

The ESAB is composed of the AFS President-elect, a representative from each Division, representatives from the Education Section and Fisheries Information & Technology Section, representatives from other committees, and appointed AFS staff.  Each AFS President designates a Chair from within this Committee other than the AFS President-Elect.  All members of this Advisory Board are voting members with the exception of the AFS staff.

2015-2016 ESAB Members

Rebecca Krogman1

Rebecca Krogman


Rebecca M. Krogman
Fisheries Information & Technology Section Representative
Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Research

Email: [email protected]


Northeastern Division


North Central Division

Ted Treska
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Doug Darr

Southern Division

Doug Darr
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

Western Division

Amberle Jones
Arizona Game and Fish

Leadership Representative (AFS President-Elect)

Ron Essig
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Education Section

Melissa Wuellner

Partners on Staff

Additional Partners for Current Projects

These energetic folks serve on the ad hoc website committee, which overlaps greatly with ESAB.

Julie Claussen
Illinois Natural History Survey

Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey
University of Colorado, Boulder

Fisheries Information & Technology Section
Thom Litts, Andy Loftus, Julie Defilippi

Current Projects

  • Reviewing and reporting feedback from members regarding the new website (Lead: Rebecca)
  • Identifying a Governing Board reporting tool (Lead: Amberle)
  • Identifying better meeting app (in place of DoubleDutch)
  • Identifying a new job board technology
  • Long-term evaluation of membership service options

Past Projects

Past Members

  • Jim Armstrong (Northeastern Division, 2015-2016)
  • Jeff Kopaska (Former chair)
  • Travis Neebling (Western Division)
  • Cassandra May (Education Section)

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