Recent Section Award Recipients

We are honored to present the recipients of AFS Section Awards!

Photo of American Fisheries Society Award Recipients

Credit: American Fisheries Society

The following AFS Sections announced award recipients in 2019.

Canadian Aquatic Resources Section

Peter A. Larkin Award

  • Ph.D. level – Emmanuelle Chretien, University of Montreal; Christopher Cahill, University of Calgary
  • M.Sc. level – Natalie Klinard, University of Windsor; Theresa Mackey, University of Winnipeg

Education Section

AFS Best Student Poster and Paper Awards at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada

Best Student Paper Oral: Rose Dodgen, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Best Student Paper Oral Honorable Mention:

Best Student Paper Poster: Brody Garner, University of Wyoming

Best Student Paper Poster Honorable Mention: Kadie Heinle, University of Montana

Estuaries Section

Student Travel Award: Emily Chen; Andrew Shamaskin

Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Best Student Poster Award –

Fish Culture Section

Student travel award  –

Award of Excellence –

Fish Habitat Section

Rising Star Award for Outstanding Early-Career Contributions in Fish Habitat Conservation – Rebecca Krogman

Travel Award for Students and Early-Career Professionals – Susan Colvin, Elsa Goerig, Mikaela Provost, Liam Zarri

Best Student Presentation (as presented at 2018 Annual Meeting in Atlantic City, NJ)-

Shadaesha Green: “Elucidating the Presence and Expression of the Crustacean Hyperglycemic Hormone of the Red Deep-Sea Crab, Chaceon Quinquedens”

Joseph Langan: “Characterizing Changing Ecosystem Phenology in Response to Climate in a Large Temperate Estuary”

Honorable Mention – Matthew Acre: “Spawning Migrations and Recruitment of a Large Catostomid in Central Texas”

Honorable Mention – Mikaela Provost: “Differences in Life-History Mediated Temperature Effects on Population Responses to Environmental Variability: Atlantic Cod Gadus Morhua As an Example”

Fish Health Section

S.F. Snieszko Distinguished Service Award – Dr. Masahiro Sakai

Fisheries Administration Section

2019 Outstanding Sport Fish Restoration

  • Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation: Missouri Department of Conservation
  • Research and Surveys: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources,Division of Fish and Wildlife
  • Sport Fishery Development and Management: North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Fisheries Management Section

Award of Excellence – Dilip Mathur; Kevin Pope; Michael Sullivan

Conservation Achievement Award – World Fish Migration Foundation

Genetics Section

James E. Wright Graduate Award – Emily Dziedzic; Aviva Fiske


Marine Fisheries Section

Oscar E. Sette award – John Boreman

Student Travel Award – Ruija Bi; Danielle Goldberg; Maddie Halloran