The American Fisheries Society stands with its members against racial biases and injustices

To be silent is to be complicit. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor have been added to the long list of Black victims of racism and inequities in our Nation.  The American Fisheries Society recognizes the pain and anger that people feel in response to these recent events.  We stand in solidarity with the Black community against racial biases and injustices, and we support our colleagues, students, and friends that are impacted by these actions.  As AFS members, we are connected through our passion for fishes, fishing, and the environment.  All spaces should be safe and welcoming to everyone, but unfortunately we do not all share the same experiences in these settings.  AFS rejects discrimination and harassment by any means, and currently operates under the recently revised guidelines of the AFS Standards of Professional Conduct.  AFS strives for the advancement of equity and inclusion in the fisheries profession, and beyond.  Every AFS Chapter, Section, and Subunit has the responsibility and power to accomplish these goals.

Scott Bonar
AFS President
Jesse Trushenski
AFS Past President
Brian Murphy
AFS President Elect
Leanne Roulson
AFS First Vice President
April Croxton
AFS Second Vice President
Doug Austen
AFS Executive Director