Stan Moberly Receives Inaugural Stan Moberly Award for Fish Habitat Conservation from the American Fisheries Society

October 1, 2019

Contact: Beth Beard
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(Reno, NV) October 1, 2019 – Stan Moberly received the first annual Stanley A. Moberly Award for Outstanding Contributions in Fish Habitat Conservation established in 2019. American Fisheries Society’s (AFS) President Jesse Trushenski presented the award at a Plenary Session at the AFS Joint Annual Conference with The Wildlife Society in Reno, Nevada. The Stanley A. Moberly Award is presented to an individual who has achieved significant success in a fish habitat career related to research, policy, management, education, project implementation, vision, communications and outreach, or some other endeavor.

“We applaud the distinguished contributions of Stan Moberly and thank him for his continuous efforts to further the conservation of fish habitats,” said AFS President Jesse Trushenski.

Stan Moberly, is a familiar face at AFS events since he joined in 1964.  He served as President of the Alaska Chapter and Western Division and eventually President of the Society in 1987-1988.

Moberly moved from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to Alaska in 1970 to take a position with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as Project Leader for Sockeye Salmon.   In 1987, Moberly elected early retirement and took a position with Northwest Marine Technology (NMT) as Director of Marketing.  Moberly’s year as AFS President was during his transition from government to work in the private sector.

One of his first presidential actions was to gather leaders of the nation’s conservation, environmental, commercial and recreational fishing industries, and the media to address the problem of the nation’s continuing loss of aquatic habitat. At their second meeting in October 1988, the leaders established F.I.S.H. (Fishermen Involved in Saving Habitat), a coalition for the conservation of aquatic habitat. Moberly was the first Chairman, serving from 1988-1994. F.I.S.H. was adopted by the four interstate fisheries commissions and was instrumental in NOAA Fisheries creating an Office of Habitat Conservation in the mid-1990s. His vision included writing the original Memo of Understanding which was the document creating the Mississippi Interstate Cooperative Resource Association (MICRA). The document was so well thought out and inclusive, that not one change was made. Moberly’s “co-authors” were Judge Harold Brown (Warrenton, Oregon) & Dr. Keith Jefferts, President of NMT (Shaw Island, Washington).  Throughout his career, Moberly has worked in the trenches, served as leader, and mentored the next generation of fisheries professionals.

Moberly lives in Tenakee Springs, Alaska, with his wife Linda Perine.

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