Social Media May Empower Fisheries Students via Learning Networks

Photo credit: D. J. Orth.

Social media has great, unrealized potential to improve student learning and engagement. Whereas some traditional face‐to‐face instruction may encourage “cram, pass, and forget” learning strategies, a holistic approach to student learning requires smart use of social media to facilitate long‐term personal, professional, and scholarly development. In this paper, I advocate the alignment of learning objectives with assignments and learning environments that encourage a high level of involvement by the student in a community of practice. These learning activities are enhanced by use of social media in teaching. Five pedagogies that will benefit fisheries students and enhance social networks include public writing, Twitter and infographics, digital storytelling, online communities, and electronic portfolios. Social media application in a holistic, multi‐modal approach respects student differences and enables more engaging, open learning networks.

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By: Donald J. Orth