Instream Flow Council Announces April 2018 Workshop

The Instream Flow Council has announced a workshop-style effort to help resource managers understand proven tools and strategies they can put to practice in their own jurisdiction to balance traditionally recognized water needs with the ecological vitality of river and lake systems.

“Managing Rivers, Reservoirs, and Lakes in the Face of Drought — Practical Tools and Strategies for Sustaining and Protecting Ecological Values of Water” will be held April 24-26, 2018 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Flow 2018 will be a problem-solving workshop with one day dedicated to training and two days of expert presentations.

According to the meeting announcement, “Many water and natural resource managers have developed plans and strategies for adapting to drought conditions. The majority of these efforts have focused on minimizing the negative consequences of drought on basic societal needs.  Less focus has been placed on specific strategies and tools to conjunctively maintain the viability of rivers, reservoirs, and lakes including the connectivity between surface and subsurface water.” The management tools and strategies will integrate legal and policy elements with scientific understanding and public involvement to effectively manage flowing and standing water ecosystems when faced with drought.

Visit the meeting website to learn more.

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