Symposia Summaries from the 2016 Annual Meeting in Kansas City

Summaries and photos from some of the symposia at the Kansas City Annual Meeting were compiled by symposia organizers. Summaries includes links to the abstracts of the session presentations.

Symposium Summary: Angling for Dinosaurs: Status and Future Study of the Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Ancient Fishes

Symposium Summary: Blue Catfish: Lessons from a Large Riverine Opportunistic Catfish

Symposium Summary: Cooperative Fisheries Research in Marine and Freshwater Systems: From Policy to Practice

Symposium Summary: Coupled Interactions between Natural and Human Systems – On the Interplay between Aquatic Ecosystem Health, Human Behavior and Decision-Making, and Aquatic Invasive Species

Symposium Summary: Effects of Diploid Grass Carp and State Grass Carp Stocking Policies on Aquatic Ecosystems

Symposium Summary: Effects of Drought on Aquatic Resources, Fisheries Management, and Mitigation Strategies

Symposium Summary: An Examination into Influencing the Future of Angling Participation to Sustain Conservation Support

Symposium Summary: Fisheries Management from the Great Lakes to the Gulf: Sea Grant’s Role in Research, Outreach, and Building Partnerships along the Mississippi River

Symposium Summary: Fisheries Research and Conservation in the “Scapes”: Needs, Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities

Symposium Summary: Hatchery Fish Biologist… A Career for the Future

Symposium Summary: Inland Drivers of Coastal Hypoxia

Symposium Summary: Interactions between Hydrology and Nonnative Aquatic Species

Symposium Summary: Management Strategy Evaluation, Decision Analysis, and Ensemble Modeling: Tools for Addressing Assessment and Management Uncertainty

Symposium Summary: Managing Centrarchid Fisheries in River and Streams

Symposium Summary: Pop-Up Satellite Tagging—Challenges and Solutions

Symposium Summary: Preparing Fisheries Professionals with Depth and Breadth (T-Shaped Professionals)

Symposium Summary: Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Restoration: Innovative Techniques to Restore Habitat in Our Nation’s Impoundments

Symposium Summary: #SocialFish – Fisheries Science in 140 Characters: The Role of Social Media in Our Science

Symposium Summary: Stephen Weithman: His Life Honored through the Student Award

Symposium Summary: Theory and Application of Behavioral Guidance Technologies to Deter Invasive and Native Fishes

Symposium Summary: Third Mississippi-Yangtze River Basins Symposium (MYRIBS): Large River Basin Fishery Resources and Environment

Symposium Summary: Translating Essential Fish Habitat Science into Fishery Management Decisions

Symposium Summary: Understanding Pallid Sturgeon Population Dynamics and Stressors in the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers

Symposium Summary: What Data Are Needed to Ensure Freshwater Mollusk Conservation into the Future?