IUCN Wetlands at Risk Book Project: Call for Papers

Wetlands at Risk

An open initiative and publication promoted by the Wetland Thematic Group members (CEM,UICN)


To bring awareness about most important wetlands under risk in different world regions portraying their status, problems and conflicts related to human impacts, discussing and proposing suitable management practices and solutions for their effective recovery and conservation.

Regions will be considered according to IUCN criteria (http://www.iucn.org/about/work/programmes/gpap_home/gpap_wcpa/gpap_wcparegion/)

Articles submission is open for people involved in management, research, conservation, restoration and other issues related to wetland. belonging or not to UICN. Articles that do not fit the author guidelines will not be considered and received articles will be accepted after review. A final document with ISBN number will be published under pdf format and freely distributed. However, in the case of sufficient funds availability a printed copy will be published as well.


Each article should have

  1. Brief physical-chemical, hydrological and geomorphological description. Main biotic components, including the presence of threatened species, ecosystems and landscapes/waterscape stakeholders involved.
  2. Status of the wetlands (Ramsar site, community based management, protected area, etc.).
  3. Identified threats, management conflicts and main stakeholders involved.
  4. Goods and services affected or disturbed by impacts and expected problems, conflicts, etc.
  5. Recommended solutions and tools for an effective recovery and conservation and management directions

It is highly recommended that authors do not use so much space for general descriptions (points a and b) but instead optimize the space by describing main threats, problems, conflicts, expected solutions and management guidelines, etc. (points c-f). See Guidelines for Publication.

Deadline for chapter submission: July 31th

For further contacts and information:

Claudio Baigún
Wetlands International
[email protected]