Journal Highlights

JOURNAL OF AQUATIC ANIMAL HEALTH Volume 27, Number 2, June 2015 Beneficial Effects of Rhodotorula sp. C11 on Growth and Disease Resistance of Juvenile Japanese Spiky Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicas. ZhiPing Yang, JianMing Sun, and Zhe Xu 27:71-76. Effects of Waterborne Lead Exposure in Mozambique Tilapia: Oxidative Stress, Osmoregulatory Responses, and Tissue Accumulation. Hasan Kaya and Mehmet Akbulut 27:77-87. [Communication] Activity of Antibiotics against Mycobacterium Species Commonly Found in Laboratory Zebrafish. Carolyn T. Chang and Christopher M. Whipps 27:88-95. Pathogenicity of Members of the Vibrionaceae Family to Cultured Juvenile Sablefish. Mary R. Arkoosh and Joseph P. Dietrich 27:96-103. Chitosan Influences the Expression of P-gp and Metabolism of Norfloxacin in Grass Carp. Kun Hu, Xinyan Xie, Yi-Ni Zhao, Yi Li, Jiming Ruan, Hao-Ran Li, Tianyi Jin, and Xian-Le Yang 27:104-111. Growth Inhibition of Bacterial Fish Pathogens and Quorum- Sensing Blocking by Bacteria Recovered from Chilean Salmonid Farms. Mery de la Fuente, Claudio D. Miranda, Paz Jopia, Gerardo González-Rocha, Nicolás Guiliani, Katherine Sossa, and Homero Urrutia 27:112-122. Characterization of Isolates of Streptococcus agalactiae from Diseased Farmed and Wild Marine Fish from the U.S. Gulf Coast, Latin America, and Thailand. Esteban Soto, Rui Wang, Judy Wiles, Wes Baumgartner, Christopher Green, John Plumb, and John Hawke 27:123-134. Oral Vaccination of Channel Catfish against Enteric Septicemia of Catfish Using a Live Attenuated Edwardsiella ictaluri Isolate. David J. Wise, Terrence E. Greenway, Todd S. Byars, Matt J. Griffin, and Lester H. Khoo 27:135-143.