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President’s Commentary
Iron Triangles and Fisheries
Although iron triangles can prove immensely invaluable, the ones in the mining, oil, and gas industries have produced undesirable conditions for fish, fisheries, and aquatic and marine ecosystems.
Bob Hughes

Letter from the Executive Director
The Value Proposition Challenge of AFS
How do we make the mental math work out so that AFS regains its role as an important part of the lives of fisheries and aquatic conservation professionals?
Doug Austen

Aquatic Blue Carbon
Recent literature shows aquatic environments can sequester greater amounts of carbon than equivalent acres of forests, thereby elevating the importance of blue versus green habitats in the global battle to reduce climate change.
Thomas E. Bigford

Digital Revolution
The computer police called and said it is the end of the line for your XP machine. Get signed up for a new computer, and hand the XP one over to us.
Thom Litts and Jeff Kopaska

The Communication Stream
New Toy Mania and Manageable Bytes
It is better to revisit the utility of your current communication tools and experiment with new ones than simply sticking with the comfortable “old shoe.”
Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey

More than Mucus: The Hidden World of the Fish Microbiota
Currently, investigations are underway to determine the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the skin mi- crobiota of the Gulf Killifish, an economically significant bait fish species.
Andrea M. Larsen and Cova R. Arias 

Importance of Understanding Landscape Biases in USGS Gage Locations: Implications and Solutions for Managers
Disjunction exists between variations in landscape attributes and representation by USGS gages.
Jefferson Tyrell DeWeber, Yin-Phan Tsang, Damon M. Krueger, Joanna B. Whittier, Tyler Wagner, Dana M. Infante, and Gary Whelan

The Status of Environmentally Enhanced Hydropower Turbines
A comprehensive review of the progress in developing and evaluating the performance of environmentally-enhanced hydropower turbines.
Timothy W. Hogan, Glenn F. Cada, and Stephen V. Amaral

Validating and Improving Life History Data in FishBase
Just how reliable are those life history estimates you downloaded from FishBase, and how can we as AFS members improve them?
Wesley S. Patrick, Jason M. Cope, and James T. Thorson 

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