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Highlights of Fisheries Magazine – June 2014

a photo of the June 2014 issue of fisheries magazineFisheries Magazine—June 2014

COLUMN: President’s Commentary
Monitoring: Garbage In Yields Garbage Out
Bob Hughes

COLUMN: Letter from the Executive Director
Behind the Scenes at Mazatlan
Doug Austen


COLUMN: Policy
Maybe It’s Not Just About the Fish
Thomas E. Bigford

Information Flow in Fisheries Management: Systemic Distortion within Agency Hierarchies
Kiira Siitari, Jim Martin & William W. Taylor

Canadian Recreational Fisheries: 35 Years of Social, Biological, and Economic Dynamics from a National Survey
Jacob W. Brownscombe, Shannon D. Bower, William Bowden, Liane Nowell, Jonathan D. Midwood, Neville Johnson & Steven J. Cooke

Hide and Seek: Interplay of Fish and Anglers Influences Spatial Fisheries Management
Bryan G. Matthias, Micheal S. Allen, Robert N. M. Ahrens, T. Douglas Beard Jr. & Janice A. Kerns

Threatened Endemic Fishes in South Africa’s Cape Floristic Region: A New Beginning for the Rondegat River
Olaf L. F. Weyl, Brian Finlayson, N. Dean Impson, Darragh J. Woodford & Jarle Steinkjer

Carlos M. Fetterolf, Jr. 1926–2014

Dam Impacts on Fishery Resources – Join Us in Québec
Margaret H. Murphy – AFS Water Quality Section President

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Fisheries Magazine—June 2014

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