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Presentation TitleBeale Dam removal
Presenting Author NameMark Gard
Presenting Author AffiliationCDFW
Presenting Author EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Presentation Number2
Unit MeetingCal-Neva Chapter
General Topicfreshwater

Beale Dam, on Dry Creek (a tributary of the Bear River), will be removed in the summer of 2020 to enable upstream passage of fall-run Chinook salmon and steelhead to six miles of high quality anadromous salmonid rearing habitat. An existing fish ladder on Beale Dam only provided passage at low flows. Removal of the dam was selected as a more cost-effective solution, versus a new fish ladder. Topography and sediment data were collected to design a new channel through the accumulated sediment upstream of the dam, as well as to design a rocky ramp to provide upstream passage over a waterfall at the upstream end of the impoundment. The design was modeled with SRH2D, a two-dimensional hydraulic model, to determine if the design met upstream passage criteria. Dimensions of the new channel were based on topographic surveys of a reference reach, and consideration of a minimum depth criterion at the low design flow and a maximum velocity criterion at the high design flow. The low design flow was selected based on depths of natural riffles in Dry Creek. Rock size for the rocky ramp was based on modeled shear stress at the 100 year flow.