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Please include your Sustaining, Official, or Associate membership number; it is required to run free ads. Free ads are limited to 150 words. Please use the below form to fill in the content to ensure accuracy of your ad. In most cases the ad will be posted in 24 business hours. Changes to ads after they are posted are subject to a $75.00 fee.

Please list a category and billing information (non-members) when sending job announcements. Job postings will be billed at $350 for 150 word increments, or part thereof. Unlimited postings are free (150 words or less) for organizations with an Associate or Official Membership, and for Individual members, who are hiring a personal assistant or hiring a student. *To qualify for free posting the membership address and the ad address must be from the same office/location. Regional offices would not qualify for free postings if only their national office is a member. A separate membership would be required. All announcements will be removed after 6 months unless an earlier closing date is specified. Any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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Mohammed Hossain
Administrative Intern
301-897-8616 | ext. 220

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