Island in the Stream: Oceanography and Fisheries of the Charleston Bump

Tagging Techniques Can Elucidate the Biology and Exploitation of Aggregated Pelagic Species

Kim N. Holland, Steven M. Kajiura, David G. Itano, and John Sibert


Abstract.—Recent advances in the analyses of tag-and-recapture data and an increase in the type and sophistication of commercially available electronic tags are combining to provide insight into horizontal and vertical movements of pelagic fishes. This information can be used to evaluate the importance of specific geographic areas to the overall movement patterns of a species and to explain exploitation patterns and vulnerability to different fishing gear types. Different types of tag are briefly reviewed and an example given of combining traditional tag-and-recapture with electronic tag data to focus on a specific fishery that targets an aggregated tuna resource. The possibility is discussed of applying similar techniques to address questions surrounding the Charleston Bump.