The Policy Column

November 2015: Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity

This month’s column is about the intersection of human and biological diversity with history. According to McGinley (2014), “[s]pecies diversity is a measure of the diversity within an ecological community that incorporates both species richness (the number of species in a community) and the evenness of species’ abundances.” Beyond biology, and bridging the social and... Read More

October 2015: A Blue-Ribbon Effort to Identify Creative Financing

Fish and wildlife programs in the United States are suffering from a financial wasting disease of staggering proportions. Governments struggle mightily to sustain basic research, management, regulatory, and education programs, losing each year in the battle for citizen support and discretionary dollars. Against that backdrop, former Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal and Bass Pro Shops CEO... Read More

Maybe It's Not Just About the Fish

by Tom Bigford, Policy Director Most of my previous columns focused on fish, fish habitat, fishing, fish agencies, fish communications, etc. Anything fishy was fair game. But my supposedly wide net may well have been naïve. The last month has been eye-opening, and incredibly exciting. With better hindsight than foresight, I now see what I... Read More

Shall We Advocate?

by Thomas E. Bigford, Policy Director Advocacy in its simplest construct has two components — an issue and a voice. Life is rarely so simple, as is definitely true about advocacy. AFS is actively engaged in that debate as we consider roles that may position us to be a stronger advocate for our needs and... Read More

AFS Policy Director Tom Bigford Elected As The Coastal Society President

But don’t worry.  He isn’t going anywhere! Tom Bigford, Policy Director in AFS headquarters, was recently elected President of The Coastal Society. TCS is the oldest international society focused on the breadth of issues affecting the world’s coasts. TCS hosts meetings, fosters dialogue, forges partnerships, supports professional networks, and mentors future leaders related to technical, policy,... Read More