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7th World Fisheries Congress Opens in Busan, Korea

Several AFS notables among keynote speakers The 7th World Fisheries Congress opened in Busan, Korea, on Monday, May 23rd, bringing together more than 1,300 international experts on marine and freshwater fisheries, aquaculture, food technology, hydropower, and other related fields. The program includes 39 sessions under 10 major themes and up to 200 North Americans were... Read More

New Study by AFS Members: Salmon Smolts Find Safety in Numbers

Using tags surgically implanted into thousands of juvenile salmon, University of British Colombia researchers have discovered that many fish die within the first few days of migration from their birthplace to the ocean. “We knew that on average 10 to 40 million smolts leave Chilko Lake every year and only about 1.5 million return as... Read More

Q&A with Bruce Koike: Fisheries’ May Cover Artist

Interview by Jeff Schaeffer Gyotaku is becoming more popular, but very few artists engage in it. How did you get started? I am self-taught in the Gyotaku technique, but initially saw some individuals making prints when I started graduate school in 1985. My initial thought was, “That’s a pretty neat art form.” Later that summer,... Read More

AFS Members Tyrell DeWeber and Tyler Wagner Honored by National Fish Habitat Partnership

In early March, the National Fish Habitat Partnership and the Habitat Section of the American Fisheries Society were honored to present Tyler Wagner and Tyrell DeWeber  with the National Fish Habitat Award for Excellence in Scientific Achievement. DeWeber and Wagner (Penn State University) received the award for work on eastern Brook Trout habitat modeling. In 2015, they produced a... Read More

Legends of Canadian Fisheries Science and Management

Canada has a long and illustrious history in fisheries science and management. Indeed, many scientific discoveries, assessment tools, and even contemporary management strategies can be attributed to Canadian fisheries professionals. The Canadian Aquatic Resources Section of the American Fisheries Society has launched a program called “Legends of Canadian Fisheries Science and Management”. The goal of the program is to... Read More

International Fisheries Science Prize to Be Awarded to Ray Hilborn

The International Fisheries Science Prize Committee of the World Council of Fisheries Societies has awarded the 2016 International Fisheries Science Prize to Professor Ray Hilborn in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington.  Professor Hilborn has had an extremely impressive career of highly diversified research and publication in support of... Read More

Interview: Q&A with John Waldman

John Waldman is a professor of biology at Queens College, Queens, NY 11367. E-mail: [email protected] How did you get involved with the work you are doing now—what led you into this particular line of research? Though I grew up in the Bronx, I lived in walking distance of Long Island Sound. There I had an... Read More