Journal Reviews

A Novel Technique for Spawning Channel Catfish Based on New Understanding of Both Physiology and Genetics

By Jeff Schaeffer | AFS Co-Chief Science Editor. E-mail: [email protected] WINNER: 2014 Best Paper, North American Journal of Aquaculture As a practical matter, fish culturists often need to spawn fish artificially, and this is especially true of the catfish industry where hybrids of Blue Catfish Ictaluras furcatus and Channel Catfish Ictaluras punctatus are preferred for... Read More

Fisheries Classics: The Model That Turned Out to Be, Sadly, but Absolutely Right

By Jeff Schaeffer, AFS Co-Chief Science Editor The upper Laurentian Great Lakes were separated physically from the Atlantic coast by Niagara Falls, but constructed ship canals allowed marine invaders to penetrate the system. Invading Sea Lampreys Petromyzon marinus decimated native piscivores during the 1940s, which allowed Alewife Alosa pseudoharengus to proliferate to nuisance levels of... Read More

Assays Are Important but Not Simple to Create

By Jeff Schaeffer | AFS Co-Chief Science Editor. E-mail: [email protected] Fish culturists struggle constantly with preventing and treating disease, but one helpful trend is the development of assays that can provide rapid diagnostics so that disease presence can be verified or treated. Saranya Plaon and colleagues at the Srinakharinwirot University (Thailand) present a great look... Read More

Timing is Everything during Salmon Migration in Estuaries

As an anadramous species, Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar have a complex life history that includes spending part of their lives in freshwater, estuarine, and marine habitats. In recent years, the decline of Atlantic Salmon has been attributed to their poor marine survivorship, due in large part to climate change. However, factors contributing to their marine... Read More