Annual Meeting


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 21, 2017 Contact: Martha Wilson Tel.202.445.9514 [email protected]   (Tampa, FL) August 21, 2017 – Dr. John Waldman, a lifetime AFS member, received the Carl R. Sullivan Fishery Conservation Award at the 2017 American Fisheries Society (AFS) Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida. AFS President Joe Margraf presented the award at the meeting’s... Read More

Seven Reasons Why You Definitely Need to Come to Tampa

  Years since the last AFS Annual Meeting in Florida (and the last AFS Annual Meeting on the coast in the South). Continuing Education Workshops, plus 3 other technical workshops Symposia and almost 1,200 total oral and poster presentations Great networking events, including the Grand Networking Event at the world famous Florida Aquarium Trade Show exhibitors... Read More

Symposium Summary: Inland Drivers of Coastal Hypoxia

Sponsors: Fish Habitat, Marine Fisheries, and Estuaries Sections A symposium jointly sponsored by the Fish Habitat, Marine Fisheries, and Estuaries Sections explored how inland land use decisions relate to hypoxia in coastal areas. Hypoxia, thermal extremes, coastal acidification, and contaminants affect three taxa with distinct life histories, ecologies, and positions in the inshore community. Cycling of... Read More

Symposia Summaries from the 2016 Annual Meeting in Kansas City

Summaries and photos from some of the symposia at the Kansas City Annual Meeting were compiled by symposia organizers. Summaries includes links to the abstracts of the session presentations. Symposium Summary: Angling for Dinosaurs: Status and Future Study of the Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Ancient Fishes Symposium Summary: Blue Catfish: Lessons from a Large Riverine Opportunistic... Read More

Symposium Summary: What Data Are Needed to Ensure Freshwater Mollusk Conservation into the Future?

The Unites States has the highest diversity of freshwater gastropods and Unionidae mussels in the world. Both groups of mollusks are also considered the most endangered freshwater organisms in the United States. This symposium presented an opportunity for researchers to share knowledge that could contribute to mollusk conservation with a fisheries audience. The symposium began... Read More

Symposium Summary: Understanding Pallid Sturgeon Population Dynamics and Stressors in the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers

Pallid Sturgeon Scaphirhynchus albus occupy some 4,500 miles of Missouri and Mississippi rivers and Kansas City was a fitting location to host a symposium for this endangered fish, as the Missouri River flows just minutes from the conference site. This full-day session featured over 20 speakers representing a wide range of state and federal agencies... Read More