Common Strategies of Anadromous and Catadromous Fishes


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M. J. Dadswell, R. J. Klauda, C. M. Moffitt, and R. L. Saunders, editors

Compact Disc (561 pages)

Published by American Fisheries Society

Original print publication date: 1987, reissued on CD July 2006


Symposium 1

This is a CD version of the out-of-print 1987 book.

Diadromous fishes migrate between marine and fresh waters to feed or breed. They are biologically fascinating, and many of them support important sport or commercial fisheries. The phenomenon of diadromy was the focus of a 1986 symposium sponsored by the AFS Northeastern Division. These proceedings present the peer-reviewed papers of experts from 10 countries.

The publication is organized into a keynote and four topical sections. The keynote section reviews the occurrence of diadromy and explores the possible evolutionary processes. The topical sections deal with possible critical life cycle periods and mechanisms—utilization of freshwater, transition to and from the sea, migration, and recruitment.

Authors were encouraged to exchange ideas and discuss topic coverage before the symposium and manuscripts were available for reference following the meeting. The editors think this approach fostered an exceptional degree of recognition and cooperation, resulting in a cohesive final publication. Interested participants also presented their ideas and findings in a poster session, the abstracts from which have been included here. An evening workshop was held to discuss future directions for research into diadromy, and it is summarized in these proceedings.

Table of Contents

Preface Introduction Michael J. Dadswell

Evolution and Importance of Diadromy

The Occurrence and Distribution of Diadromy among Fishes Robert M. McDowall

Evolution of Diadromy in Fishes Mart R. Gross

Utlization of the Freshwater Habitat

Preamble Christine M. Moffitt

Variability in Length of Freshwater Residence of Salmon, Trout, and Char Robert G. Randall, Michael C. Healey, and J. Brian Thompson

Reproductive Ecology of the American Eel Gene S. Helfman, Douglas E. Facey, L. Stanton Hales, Jr., and Earl L. Bozeman, Jr.

Biology of Pink Salmon in the North American Great Lakes W. Kwain

American Shad and Striped Bass in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River System Donald E. Stevens, Harold K. Chadwick, and Richard E. Painter

Increased Spawning by American Shad Coincident with Improved Dissolved Oxygen in the Tidal Delaware River Keith R. Maurice, Robert W. Blye, and Paul L. Harmon

Overview of Life History Aspects of Anadromous Alewife and Blueback Herring in Freshwater Habitats Joseph G. Loesch

Life History Styles of Diadromous Fishes in Inland Waters of Southern Africa Michael N. Bruton, Anton H. Bok, and Martin T. T. Davies

Fishways—Historical Assessment of Design Practices John F. Orsborn

Use of Hatcheries in the Management of Pacific Anadromous Salmonids James A. Lichatowich and John D. Mcintyre

Transition to and from the Marine Environment

Preamble Richard L. Saunders

Behavioral Aspects of Selective Tidal Stream Transport in Juvenile American Eels James D. McCleave and Gail S. Wippelhauser

The Reproductive Ecology of Threespine Sticklebacks Breeding in Fresh and Brackish Water G. I. Kennedy, V. Boule, and G. J. Fitzgerald

Oocyte Development in Striped Bass: Factors Influencing Estimates of Age at Maturity Jennifer L. Specker, David L. Berlinsky, Harold D. Bibb, and John F. O’Brien

Osmoregulatory and Ionoregulatory Changes and Associated Moralities during the Transition of Maturing American Eels to a Marine Environment J.-D. Dutil, M. Besner, and S. D. McCormick

Osmoregulation in White Sturgeon: Life History Aspects Maryann McEnroe and Joseph J. Cech, Jr.

Involvement of the Thyroid Gland in Smoltification, with Special Reference to Metabolic and Development Processes Walton W. Dickoff and Craig V. Sullivan

Prepatory Physiological Adaptations for Marine Life of Salmonids: Osmoregulation, Growth, and Metabolism Stephen D. McCormick and Richard L. Saunders

Changes in Hepatic Mitochondrial Proteins of Steelhead during the Parr Smolt Transformation Terence M. Bradley

Adaptive Flexibility in Life History Tactics of Mature Male Baltic Salmon Parr in Relation to Body Size and Environment T. Eriksson, L.-O. Erikkson, and H. Lundqvist

Smolting Versus Residency: Developmental Conflicts in Salmonids J. E. Thorpe

Ocean Migrations

Preamble Michael J. Dadswell

Hydromechanics of Fish Migration in Variable Environments Daniel Weihs

Sea-Surface Temperature and Distribution of Atlantic Salmon in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean D. G. Reddin and W. M. Shearer

Review of the Marine Life History of Australasian Temperate Species of Anguilla D. J. Jellyman

Reproductive Sympatry of American and European Eels and Implications for Migration and Taxonomy James D. McCleave, Robert C. Kleckner, and Martin Castonguay

Marine Migration and Orientation of Ocean-Type Chinook and Sockeye Salmon M. C. Healey and C. Groot

Influences of Origin, Life History, and Chance on the Atlantic Coast Migration of American Shad Michael J. Dadswell, Gary D. Melvin, P. James Williams, and Daphne E. Themelis

Atlantic Coastal Migration of Striped Bass John Boreman and R. Rhett Lewis

Spatial and Temporal Aspects of the Ocean Migration of Anadromous Arctic Char J. B. Dempson and A. H. Kristofferson

Life History, Distribution, and Seasonal Migration of Barramundi in the Daly River, Northern Territory, Australia Roland K. Griffin

Marine Migrations of Atlantic Salmon from Rivers in Ungava Bay, Quebec G. Power, M. V. Power, R. Dumas, and A. Gordon

Perspectives on the Marine Migrations of Diadromous Fishes Thomas P. Quinn and William C. Leggert

Recruitment Mechanisms

Preamble Ronald J. Klauda

Causes of Variable Recruitment in a Small Atlantic Salmon Stock E. Michael P. Chadwick

Recruitment Mechanisms of Striped Bass and Atlantic Salmon: Comparative Liabilities of Alternative Life Histories Paul J. Rago and C. Phillip Goodyear

Review of the Components of Recruitment of Pacific Salmon Randall M. Peterman

Effect of Fall and Winter Instream Flow on Year-Class Strength of Pacific Salmon Evolutionarily Adapted to Early Fry Outmigration: A Great Lakes Perspective John F. Kocik and William W. Taylor

Effect of Winter Severity on Steelhead Smolt Yield in Michigan: An Example of the Importance of Environmental Factors in Determining Smolt Yield Paul W. Seelbach

Parent-Progeny Relationship for an Established Population of Anadromous Alewives in a Maine Lake Clement J. Walton

Review of Recruitment Mechanisms of the American Shad: The Critical Period and Match-Mismatch Hypotheses Reexamined Victor A. Crecco and Thomas Savoy

Stock-Recruitment Relationship and Compensatory Morality of American Shad in the Connecticut River Ernest Lorda and Victor A. Crecco

Factors Influencing Recruitment of the Atlantic Species of Anguillid Eels Christopher Moriarty

Switching Size and Migratory Pattern in Successive Generations of Landlocked Ayu Katsumi Tsukamoto, Rikizo Ishida, Kenji Naka, and Takeshi Kajihara

Factors Influencing Recruitment and Survival of Mugilids in Estuaries and Coastal Waters of Southeastern Africa Stephen J. M. Blaber

Speculations on the Evolution of Life History Tactics of the Australian Grayling Tim M. Berra

Comparisons of Recruitment Variability and Life History Data among Marine and Anadromous Fishes B. J. Rothschild and Gerard T. DiNardo

Future Directions

Perspectives and New Directions for Research on Diadromous Fishes Roger A. Rulifson

Abstracts of Poster Papers

Development of Nursery Systems for Rearing Shortnose Sturgeons T. I. J. Smith, W. E. Jenkins, W. D. Oldland, and R. D. Hamilton

How are Anadromous Salmonid Life Histories Linked to Freshwater Residency? J. A. Hutchings and D. W. Morris

Wilder Fish Ladder with a Hydroturbine as a Fish-Attracting Water System A. J. Millette

Larval Migration of Amphidromous Ayu: Application of Otolith Tagging to a Mark-Recapture Study on Eggs and Larvae K. Tsukamoto, K. Mochizuki, T. Otake, T. Yamazaki, M. Okiyama, and T. Kajihara

Life History Aspects of the South African Catadromous Mullet A. H. Bok

Intermediate Salinities Stimulate Growth in a Wild Population of Anadromous Brook Trout P. O. Steele and A. M. Steele

Thermal Adaptations in Alaskan Chinook and Sockeye Salmon C. V. Burger

Time-Series Analysis of Discharge, Turbidity, and Juvenile Salmon Outmigration in the Susitna River, Alaska S. S. Hale

Habitat Suitability Index Curves for Anadromous Fishes J. H. Crance

Extended Freshwater Residence Prior to Spawning: The Influence of Water Velocity and Temperature on Swimming Capacity and Its Role in Controlling the Upstream Migration of Anadromous Coregonines of James Bay, Quebec L. Bernatchez and J. J. Dodson

Biochemical and Genetic Analysis of American Shad Migrating into the Chesapeake Bay E. N. Sismour and R. S. Birdsong

Behavior of Adult Blueback Herring Migrating Upstream through Lock 2 of the Erie Canal W. A. Karp, P. Nealson, D. J. Lispi, and Q. Ross

Why Do So Few Anadromous Populations Minimize the Energetic Cost of Their Upstream Migrations L. Bernatchez and J. J. Dodson

Variation in Life History, Ecology, and Resource Utilization by Arctic Char in Scotland S. E. Barbour

Preliminary Analysis of Life History Strategies in Northern Fishes with Special Reference to Three Species of Ciscoes R. E. Dillinger, Jr., J. M. Green, and T. P. Birt

Pigmentation, Size, and Upstream Migration of Elvers and Young American Eels in a Coastal Rhode Island Stream A. J. Haro

The Return of Migration of Adult Atlantic Salmon to the Aberdeenshire Dee, Scotland A. D. Hawkins

Human Impact on the Diadromous Fish Fauna in the Meuse River Basin: A Historical and Geographical Analysis G. T. Houvenaghel

Blood Coagulation Is Inhibited in Cold-Adapted Anadromous Brook Trout P. O. Steele and A. M. Steele

Time of Migration and Growth of Two Introduced Strains of Atlantic Salmon in a Southern New England Stream R. D. Orciari, D. Mysling, and G. Leonard

Effects of Dietary Hormone Treatments in Reducing Large Variances in Growth Rates of American Eels G. Degani and M. L. Gallagher