Student Subunit Formation

Student Subunits are defined by academic institutions and are maintained under the auspices of Chapters.

Credit: Rebecca Krogman

Checklist for Approval of American Fisheries Society Student Subunits

Student Subunits are defined by academic institutions and are maintained under the auspices of Chapters.  They are intended to advance the Society’s objectives through involvement of student members at the level of colleges and universities.

  1. Seek guidance on the process.

Contact the Society’s Constitutional Consultant, Randy Schultz ([email protected] or 515-725-8447), as early in the process as possible to make sure the necessary steps for establishing a Student Subunit are understood.  The Constitutional Consultant can provide example documents (e.g., petitions and bylaws) to help facilitate the approval process.

2. Contact your local Chapter.

Contact your local AFS Chapter to discuss your interest in forming a Student Subunit and to let them know you will be submitting a petition to their officers for approval.

3. Prepare a petition and submit it to your local Chapter.

A petition to create a Student Subunit, clearly defining the subunit’s intended purpose and geographic or disciplinary boundaries, must be signed by at least six Active Society Members and a Society member at the University or College who is willing to serve as your faculty advisor.  The Student Subunit petition must be approved by the officers of the Chapter in which your new Student Subunit will reside.

4.  Prepare a slate of officers.

The slate of officers should include at least a president, a president-elect or vice-president, and a secretary-treasurer or secretary and treasurer.  Note that all officers must be Society members, unless the Student Subunit is jointly affiliated with another professional organization and, in that case, either the President or Vice President must be an Active Member of the Society.

5. Submit a petition and slate of officers to the Unit Services Coordinator.

Submit the petition and slate of officers to the Society’s Unit Services Coordinator, Lauren Maza ([email protected] or 301-897-8616 x225).  The Unit Services Coordinator will start a file for the Student Subunit and coordinate with the Constitutional Consultant.

6. Prepare bylaws and submit them to the Constitutional Consultant.

Prepare bylaws following the recommended Society format to ensure conformance with the Society’s Constitution, Rules, and Procedures.  The Constitutional Consultant will work with you to make the necessary edits before presenting the bylaws to the Management Committee for approval.

7. Wait for Management Committee review and Executive Director notification.

The bylaws will be brought before the Management Committee for approval by the Constitutional Consultant.  The bylaws will take effect after receiving written notice from the Society’s Executive Director.