Featured Papers in AFS Journals

Special benefits for high-impact articles

The Journals Department occasionally singles out papers that are especially topical, important, likely to be of widespread interest, or otherwise worthy of special promotion and accords them special treatment. This includes

  • Accelerated production
  • Waiver of page charges and publication fees
  • Waiver of the fee for printing figures in color
  • Free online access for two months
  • Dedicated promotion

Submission—Authors should indicate in their submission to ScholarOne that they would like their paper to be considered as a featured paper and stipulate why it merits this treatment. Even when authors haven’t requested consideration as a featured paper, the editor or subject editor, associate editor, or reviewers may conclude that the paper merits such consideration. The final decision rests with the editor or subject editor.

Production—Once accepted, featured papers will be moved to the top of the production queue and be handled on an accelerated timeline. All publication fees—page charges, shipping and handling fees, and fees for the printing of color figures—will be waived. (If authors opt to make their paper open access permanently, they should utilize the Open Choice option during production; the fee for this is US$2,950.)

Post-publication—Featured papers will be freely available online at no cost for two months and will be promoted by AFS and our publisher (Wiley). Promotion typically includes social media posts (Twitter and Facebook), placement on the AFS homepage (fisheries.org) as well as in the carousel on the AFS journals hub (afsjournals.org), and a highlight in the biweekly AFS newsletter (fisheries.org/newsletter/).

Recent Featured Papers