Experience Subcommittee 

2018-2019 Experience Subcommittee MEMBERS


Lillian Herger, Chair

Office of Environmental Assessment

Representing:  Government Western Division

[email protected]

Term: Sept. 2017-2020


Mike Freeze

C/O Keo Fish Farm

[email protected]

Representing: Private sector, Southern Division

Term: Jan 2017 – 2019


Steven Shepard

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

[email protected]

Representing: Government, Northeastern Division

Term: Sept. 2017- Aug. 2020


Tracy Richter

Idaho Power

Email [email protected]

Representing: Private sector, Western Division

Term: Jan 2017-Sept 2019


Michael McClelland

Chief of Fisheries

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

[email protected]

Representing: Government, North Central Division

Term:  Sept. 2018-2020