Mercer Patriarche Best Paper in the North American Journal of Fisheries Management

Robert Boenish accepts the Mercer Patriarche Best Paper Award during the 2019 AFS Annual Meeting.

2018 Best Paper:

Title: Quasi‐stationary Atlantic Cod bycatch estimation in the Maine American Lobster Homarus americanus trap fishery.”

Authors: Robert Boenish and Yong Chen

Issue:  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 38: 3-17.

The North American Journal of Fisheries Management is intended to promote communication among managers, the journal addresses the maintenance, enhancement, and allocation of fisheries resources. Its contents chronicle the development of practical monitoring and management programs for finfish and exploitable shellfish in marine and freshwater environments. Contributions relate to the way species, habitats, and harvests may be managed to protect and enhance fish and fishery resources for societal benefits. Case histories of successes, failures, and side effects of fisheries programs help convey practical management experience to others.