To recognize excellence in organized teaching and advising in some aspect of fisheries education.

Daniel Hayes receives the 2019 Excellence in Fisheries Education Award from AFS President Jesse Trushenski.

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) Excellence in Fisheries Education Award was established in 1988. The award is administered by the Education Section and is presented to an individual to recognize excellence in organized teaching and advising in some aspect of fisheries education. Nominees may be involved in extension or continuing education, as well as traditional college and university instruction. Nominees must be AFS members, have been actively engaged in fisheries education within the last five years, and have had at least 10 years of professional employment experience in fisheries education. Two or more people may act as nominators, but at least one nominator must be an AFS member. The nominator(s) is responsible for compiling supporting material and submitting the application. The suggested format for applications can be found on the Education Section web site. Please include in the nomination letter, the nominee’s title and full contact information (i.e., address, e-mail, phone, etc.) to complete the package.

The Awards Committee is dedicated to AFS goal of increasing diversity and inclusion within our Society. As part of this effort, we highly encourage nominations for individuals from historically underrepresented groups in the fisheries field.

Nomination deadline is June 1, 2021
Contact: Dan Hayes, Committee Chair
Email: [email protected]


Past Recipients:

  • 1988 Terry D. Roelofs
  • 1989 Saul B. Saila
  • 1990 William C. Leggett
  • 1991 Niles R. Kevern
  • 1992 Roy E. Stein
  • 1993 James D. Hall
  • 1994 Brian Murphy
  • 1995 Peter B. Moyle & Joseph J. Cech
  • 1996 Richard L. Noble
  • 1997 David W. Willis
  • 1998 Geoffrey Power
  • 1999 Wayne A. Hubert
  • 2000 Carl B. Schreck
  • 2001 Frank J. Rahel
  • 2002 John A. (Jack) Musick
  • 2003 Hiram W. Li
  • 2004 Eric P. Bergersen
  • 2005 Christopher S. Guy
  • 2006 Joseph E. Hightower
  • 2007 Eric M. Hallerman
  • 2008 Christopher C. Kohler
  • 2009 Michael J. Hansen
  • 2010 Thomas P. Quinn
  • 2011 Scott Hinch
  • 2012 Trent Sutton
  • 2013 Frederick Scharf
  • 2014 Steve Miranda
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017 Lisa Eby
  • 2018 Neil H. Ringler
  • 2019 Daniel Hayes
  • 2020 Larry Nielsen