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News Bites – February 2017

“The Amazon Reef That Keeps Being Discovered” Will the amount of plastic in the ocean exceed that of fish? “Blanket of blue blubber jellyfish covers Queensland beach” Granddad: Australian lungfish and conservation ambassador What does the future hold for the Yaqui catfish “Bahamas has the largest shark diving economy in the world” Mixing ocean science with art to reach... Read More

Salient Needs for Conservation of Atlantic Salmon

A short review is presented on the major factors contributing to recent precipitous declines in populations of wild Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar, with the approach of describing the major needs for stabilizing or enhancing factors to conserve and reverse the decline of salmon populations and incidentally of other salmonid species. Read More

AFS Shifts to New Approach in Policy

By Thomas E. Bigford, Policy Director. The Society’s interests in policy and advocacy date back to the organization’s early years in the 1870s. Over the decades, our interests have expanded as have the organization’s policy efforts. We are now better positioned more than ever to make best use of the knowledge embedded in AFS and... Read More

Sustainability R Us

By Joe Margraf, AFS President  Fisheries management and the science that supports it are all about sustaining fish populations for wise and long-term use by people. Without science-based fisheries management, most fisheries would eventually collapse and become useless as predictable and highly valuable food and recreational resources. Our Society and its members know this, but... Read More

AIFRB W.F. Thompson Award

 Nominations are open for the W.F. Thompson Award, which will be given by the American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (AIFRB) to recognize the best student paper in fisheries science published during 2015. The award will consist of a check for up to US$10 00 as determined by the Board of Control, a certificate,  and a... Read More