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Temporary, Student, Permanent, Professional, PhD
Job # Title Agency, Location Category
10537 Seasonal Fisheries Interviewer QuanTech, Inc. Temporary
10536 M.S graduate research assistantship MI State Univ; Great Lakes Fishery Comm Student
10535 Research Vessel Operator Fairport Harbor Fisheries Research Station Permanent
10534 Laboratory Technician ID Dept of Fish and Game Temporary
10533 East Region Hatchery Coordinator OR Dept of Fish & Wildlife Permanent
10532 M.S. Graduate Assistantship DE State Univ, LMRCSC, NMFS/NOAA Student
10531 Seasonal Fisheries Research Associate Montauk, NY Temporary
10530 MS Graduate Research Assistantship Dept of Forestry and Natural Resources, IN Student
10529 Fisheries Biologist OtterTail Environmental, Inc. Permanent
10528 Fisheries Technician 1 PSMFC, OR Temporary
10527 M.S. Graduate Research Assistantship Lake MI Biological Station/ INHS, IL Student
10526 Future Fisheries Improvement Program Officer MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks Professional
10525 Fish Biologist II Dept of Natural Resources, WA Permanent
10524 ACCSP Program Assistant ASMFC, VA Permanent
10523 Research Assistant OH State University / OH Division of Wildlife Professional
10522 Experimental Biology Aide OR dept of Fish and Wildlife Temporary
10520 Crew Leader, Wildlife Tech II Dutch John, UT Temporary
10514 M.Sc. or Ph.D. Student Univ of Regina, Dept of Biology Student
10511 Assistant Hatchery Manager PWSAC, AK Permanent
10510 IMW Experimental Biology Aide OR Dept of Fish & Wildlife Temporary
10509 Recreational Fisheries Technician AIS Inc, MA Temporary
10508 Recreational Fisheries Technicians AIS Inc, MA Temporary
10506 Senior Consultant/Scientist Cramer Fish Sciences, WA or OR Permanent
10504 2 MS Graduate Assistantships Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Student
10503 Executive Director Southwest Tribal Fisheries Commission Professional
10502 Fisheries Technician 1 Pacific States Marine Fisheries Comm, CA Temporary
10500 Fisheries Technician 1 Pacific States Marine Fisheries Comm, CA Temporary
10499 Post-Doctoral Research Associate Illinois Natural History Survey, IL PhD
10498 Post-Doctoral Research Associate: River Zooplankton Illinois Natural History Survey, IL PhD
10497 MS Grad student: River Zooplankton Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, IL Student
10493 Pgm Head – Biological & Ecosystem Science International Pacific Halibut Commission PhD
10492 PhD Assistantship OK Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Rsch Unit Student
10491 Experimental Biology Aide OR Department of Fish and Wildlife Temporary
10490 Fisheries Scientist I AK Department of Fish & Game PhD
10489 Sr. Quantitative Fisheries Scientist Muckleshoot Indian Tribe – Auburn – WA PhD
10488 Post Doctoral Researcher MO Cooperative Fish/Wildlife Rsch Unit PhD
10487 M.S. Research Assistantship MO Cooperative Fish/Wildlife Research Unit Student
10486 Fishery Bio, Asst Research & Monitoring Mgr Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Assoc, AK Permanent
10483 Fisheries Habitat Biologist III Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Res. Professional
10479 Fisheries Scientist I AK Dept of Fish and Game PhD
10471 MS Graduate Research Assistantship Univ of Vermont Student
10470 Fish Physiology Dept of Biology, Univ of Regina Student
10469 Game Warden WY Game and Fish Department Permanent
10468 Fisheries Technician 1 Pacific States Marine Fisheries Comm Temporary
10465 Senior Fisheries Biologist Ballwin, MO Permanent
10462 Shorebird Monitor AIS Inc, Rockaway Beach, NY Temporary
10461 Temp Research Aides (3 Positions) Aquatic Ecology Lab, The Ohio State Univ Temporary
10459 M.S. Assistantship in Salmon & Climate Change Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Student
10457 USDA PhD Fellowship Univ of CT Student
10456 M.S. Assistantship Iowa State Univ, Dept Student
10453 Fisheries/Aquatic Ecologist Tech IL Natural History Survey Permanent
10451 Assistant Hatchery Manager DIPAC/Snettisham Hatchery, AK Permanent
10444 Sockeye Hatchery Operations Biologist Okanagan Nation Alliance, British Columbia Permanent
10441 Asst or Assoc Professor of Aquatic Animal Health Univ of CA/Davis PhD
10440 Assistant Hatchery Manager Cook Inlet Aquaculture Assoc Permanent
10439 Seasonal Positions Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association Temporary
10435 Dar Biometrician Research Corporation of the Univ of HI Permanent
10434 Research Assistant I B/H The OH State Univ Aquatic Ecology Lab Temporary
10432 Science Director Great Lakes Fishery Commission Permanent
10430 Fish Culturist IV Colville Confederated Tribes, WA Permanent
10427 Asst Professor, Aquatic Sciences TX Tech Univ, Dept of Natural Resources Mgmt PhD
10424 Aquatic Specialist I A.T.A.C., OH Permanent
10418 PhD or MS Grad Assit in Stream Fish Ecology Clemson Univ, SC Student
10402 MS/PhD Graduate Research Assistantship Mississippi State Univ Student
10397 Fisheries Technicians Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp., AK Temporary
10396 Aquatic Invasive Species Wildlife Tech, 6 openings UT Div of Wild. Resources Temporary
10395 Crew Leader, Wildlife Tech II. 2 openings UT Division of Wildlife Resources Temporary
10386 M.S. assistantship Iowa State Univ Student
10385 WA State Dept of Fish & Wildlife WA State Dept of Fish & Wildlife Permanent
10383 Hatchery Manager Cook Inlet Aquaculture Assoc, AK Permanent
10381 Postdoctoral Research Associate Aquatic Ecology Lab, The OH State Univ Temporary
10380 Natural Resource Scientist Anchor QEA, LLC/WA Permanent
10377 PhD (or MSc), Atlantic Salmon Eco & Cons. Memorial Univ of Newfoundland, Canada Student
10373 PHD & MS Graduate Assistanships School of Fisheries, Auburn Univ, AL Student
10372 Postdoctoral Research Associate US Geological Survey Professional
10370 Fish Biologist California Permanent
10357 Post-doctoral OR State Univ PhD
10355 Propagation Fisheries Research Scientist WI Cooperative Fishery Research Unit PhD
10341 Research Scientist WA State Dept of Fish & Wildlife Permanent
10336 Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Tech WY Game and Fish Dept Temporary
10332 Native Trout Conservation Intern Yellowstone National Park, WY Student
10330 WA State Dept of Fish & Wildlife Fish Biologist 4 Permanent
10326 MS/PhD Graduate Rsch Assistantships Quantitative Fisheries Center, MI State Univ Student
10323 Assistant Professor, Fish Ecology & Mgmt UT St. Univ Permanent
10303 Asst/Associate Professor in Aquaculture Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Professional
10302 Fisheries Research Scientist Univ of WI-Stevens Point, Fisheries Analysis Center PhD
10301 PhD assistantship OK Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Rsch Unit Student
10297 Asst Professor of Fisheries Population Ecology Dept Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture, MS State Univ PhD
10295 Full-time Research Asst Aquatic Ecology Lab, The Ohio State Univ Temporary
10287 Fisheries Program Supervisor Grant County PUD, WA. Professional
10286 Graduate Asst in Natural Resources DE State Univ Student
10285 Asst Professor of Fisheries Mgmt Lake Superior State Univ Permanent
10278 Director School of Fisheries, Agriculture & Aquatic Sciences, AL Professional
10276 Fish Ecologist TN Technological Univ PhD
10273 Assistant Hatchery Manager Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association Permanent
10267 Assistant Director (Aquatic Sciences) NEON- Boulder, CO Professional
10260 MS Graduate Research Assistantship Dept of Fisheries & Wildlife Student
10253 Graduate Research Assistantship Annis Water Resources Institute – GVSU, MI Student
10252 Rsch Asst in Stream Conservation Ecology OH State Univ Aquatic Ecology Laboratory Temporary
10245 Operations & Hatchery Reform Coordinator WA State Dept of Fish & Wildlife Permanent

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