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smith root
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Permanent, Temporary, Student, PhD, Professional
Job # Title Agency, Location Category
10924 Aquatic Biologist New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Permanent
10923 Fisheries Ecology Internship 2015 Dauphin Island Sea Lab/Dauphin Island, AL Temporary
10922 PhD Assistantship University of Southern Mississippi Student
10921 Coastal Fisheries Ecosystem Tech. I-II / Fish & Wildlife Tech. I-II TPWD Permanent
10920 Fish and Wildlife Biological Scientist II FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comm. Permanent
10919 Graduate Research Assistant (MS or PhD) ID Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Student
10918 Inland Fisheries Techn. I-II / Fish & Wildlife Tech. I-II TPWD Permanent
10917 Graduate Assistantship in Stream Fish Ecology University of Wyoming Student
10915 Creel Clerk IL Natural History Survey, UOI Temporary
10914 Fisheries Science Technicians U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, AK Temporary
10913 Director, CalCOFI Program & Professor Scripps Inst. of Oceanography, Univ CA PhD
10912 Stock Assessment Scientist ASMFC Permanent
10911 Fisheries Ecologist Normandeau Associates, Inc. Permanent
10910 Fish & Wildlife Biological Scientist II FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comm. Permanent
10909 Fish & Wildlife Biological Scientist III FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comm. Permanent
10907 Program Manager VIII Dept. of Fish and Game, Westborough, MA Permanent
10905 Biologist Technician – Fisheries Wyoming Game and Fish Department Temporary
10904 Tropical Conservation Biologist Univ of California, Davis Permanent
10903 Asst. Prof. of Climate Change Ecology Univ of California, Davis Permanent
10899 Professor and Head Mississippi State University Professional
10896 MS Assistantship University of Illinois Student
10895 Asst. Prof. of Quantitative Wildlife Ecology University of California, Davis PhD
10889 Postdoctoral Researcher University of Southern MS PhD
10888 Assistant Professor, Marine Fisheries Texas A&M University Permanent
10887 M.S./Ph.D. Graduate Assistantship University of Southern MS Student
10880 Director, Bureau of Marine Science Maine, Dept of Marine Resources Student, Temporary
10876 Hydropower Water Quality Scientist Louis Berger/Needham, MA Permanent
10872 PhD Graduate Research/Teaching Assistantship Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Consv., VA Tech PhD
10871 CONSERVATION OFFICER I (TRAINEE) Dept. of Natural Resources, UT Permanent
10861 Postdoctoral Researcher USFWS/USGS/Humboldt State Uni. PhD
10856 Assistant Professor of Biology Pittsburg State University/Kansas PhD
10854 NR Program Supervisor SR-Fish Hatchery MN Dept. of Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Professional
10851 NR PROGRAM SUPV SR – FISH HATCHERY Natural Resources Dept, Fish and Wildlife/Central Off. Permanent
10843 M.S. Assistantship South Dakota State University Permanent
10842 Ph.D. Assistantship South Dakota State University PhD
10840 MS Assistantship CA Cooperative Fish Research Unit Student
10837 Graduate Research Assistantship Annis Water Resources Institute, MI Student
10836 Two Ph.D. Assistantships Iowa State University Permanent
10830 Biology-Assistant Professor Mansfield University PhD
10825 Watershed Coordinator Skagit Watershed Council, WA Professional
10822 Prof. of Freshwater Fish Ecology University of California, Davis Professional
10821 River Fisheries Modeler U.S. Geological Survey / Michigan State University Professional
10815 Data Manager JHT, Beaufort, NC Permanent
10814 Postdoctoral Research Associate Gulf of Maine Research Institute PhD
10796 North Pacific Groundfish Observers AIS Inc, AK Permanent
10793 Postdoctoral research scholar OR State Univ, Dept of Fisheries & Wildlife PhD
10786 M.S. or Ph.D. Assistantship Univ of IL/ IL Natural History Survey Student
10765 M.S. Graduate Research Assist. Auburn University, AL Student
10764 Fisheries Data Exchange Facilitator Colville Tribes Fish and Wildlife Dept. WA Professional
10757 M.S. Graduate Research Asst. OK Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Student
10756 Graduate Opportunity Univ of Toledo, Dept of Environmental Sciences Student
10755 Fish Passage Restoration Specialist Contract employee for NOAA in Silver Spring, MD Professional
10754 M.S./Ph.D. Student Positions Aquatic Ecology Laboratory, OH State Univ PhD, Student
10752 Tenure Track Faculty Positions University of Delaware PhD
10747 Fish Passage Restoration Specialist ERT / Silver Spring, MD Professional
10743 Nippon Foundation Fellow Post Doc Princeton Univ, NJ PhD
10724 Aquatic Molecular Ecologist Annis Water Resources Institute PhD
10717 Ph.D. Assist. in Quantitative Fisheries Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, UMCES Student
10710 SR Fish Biologist /Aquatic Ecologist North State Resources, Inc. Permanent
10709 Aquatic/Fishery Biologist North State Resources, Inc. Permanent
10702 Research Scientist 2 Washington State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Permanent
10691 PhD Assistantship Oklahoma Coop. Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Student
10684 Salmon Hatchery Manager Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp, AK Permanent
10676 Fisheries Biological Port Sampler AIS, Inc. Permanent
10675 Post-Doctoral Researcher Missouri Cooperative Fish/Wildlife Research Unit. PhD
10673 Professional Engineer Colville Confederated Tribes, WA Permanent
10656 PhD or MS Asst.: Fish Ecology Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, IN Student
10652 Fisheries Genomics Fisheries and Oceans Canada PhD
10646 Hatchery Manager Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association, Alaska Permanent
10642 Ph.D. Graduate Research Asst./Teaching Asst. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, VA Tech Student
10638 M.S. Graduate Research Asst. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Cons, VA Tech Student
10636 Fishery Analyst / Plan Coordinator North Pacific Fishery Management Council Permanent