Wild Trout Symposium XII: Call for Abstracts

The Wild Trout Symposium XII: Science, politics, and wild trout management: Who’s driving and where are we going? September 26-29, 2017 West Yellowstone, Montana, USA   Call for Abstracts Complete abstract preparation guidelines and online submission forms can be found at: Deadline for abstract submission: extended to March 1, 2017   Presentations will be... Read More

Western Division AFS Small Project Grants

Application open period The Western Division currently has project funding available for Division Chapters, Subunits, and other fisheries-related groups. Grants are usually modest but can help get a project started or be used to complement other funding sources. This year, the WDAFS Executive Committee approved a budget of $5,000 to fund as many small projects... Read More

American Fisheries Society Publishes Action Items for New U.S. Administration on the Future of the Nation’s Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) today released its publication, Future of the Nation’s Fisheries and Aquatic Resources: The Challenges We Face in 2017 and Beyond, offering short and long-term solutions to the degradation of American aquatic habitats, and the challenges fisheries professionals face. With recommendations for the new Presidential Administration, the document offers viable ways... Read More


Symposium Summary: Inland Drivers of Coastal Hypoxia

Sponsors: Fish Habitat, Marine Fisheries, and Estuaries Sections A symposium jointly sponsored by the Fish Habitat, Marine Fisheries, and Estuaries Sections explored how inland land use decisions relate to hypoxia in coastal areas. Hypoxia, thermal extremes, coastal acidification, and contaminants affect three taxa with distinct life histories, ecologies, and positions in the inshore community. Cycling of... Read More


Remember AFS on Giving Tuesday

Every year people around the world designate a donation day. It's called "Giving Tuesday." It's your chance to think about the organizations you care about and how much more they might be able to do with a gift from you. At the American Fisheries Society, we’re proud of the work we do together to advance the... Read More


Opinion: Post-election Perspectives on Diversity

By Steve L. McMullin, AFS President-Elect My colleague and eventual successor as president of the American Fisheries Society, Jesse Trushenski, offered a perspective on the recent U.S. election that echoed many of the concerns I have read or heard from my colleagues, friends and family, both female and male. The tenor, language and indeed, the result... Read More