Bipartisan Bill recommends $1.3 billion trust fund for State Wildlife Action Plans

Good news for fish and wildlife programs that have been underfunded for decades. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act offers hope for bipartisan support that would vastly increase funding for state programs.  —AFS Policy Director Tom Bigford   Read more.


New FAO report urges more work to rein in overfishing

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture says that almost a third of commercial fish stocks are now fished at biologically unsustainable levels, triple the level of 1974. In 2014, there were around 4.6 million fishing  vessels in the world (Photo: FAO) ...Read more.



Highlights of Fisheries Magazine - July 2016

Special Issue: 100+ pages on Climate Change Impacts on Inland Fishes

AFS Executive Director Doug Austen solicited assistance from the USGS National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center Chief Doug Beard, in collaboration with the Missouri Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, to develop this special issue.

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Physiological Basis of Climate Change Impacts on North American Inland Fishes 

Inland fishes are ectothermic, making them vulnerable to climate-induced temperature changes. However, the physiological responses of fishes to climate effects are not uniform, creating “winners” and “losers” in the climate change game.  Read more.

Climate Change Effects on North American Inland Fish Populations & Assemblages

A synthesis of climate trends that may influence inland fish populations and assemblages. Some of the most dramatic fish population responses documented are shifts in species’ spatial distributions and the timing of key behaviors (e.g., migrations, spawning). Read more.

Measuring the Relationship between Sportfishing Trip Expenditures and Anglers’ Species Preferences

North American Journal of Fisheries Management

Measuring the Relationship between Sportfishing Trip Expenditures and Anglers’ Species Preferences

We examined the relationship between fishing trip expenditures and anglers’ species preferences from a survey of Oklahoma resident anglers conducted in 2014. (Photo credit: Chesapeake Bay Foundation) Read more.



Climate Science Center Review Team Member Solicitation

AFS and the Human Dimensions Research Unit of Cornell University have been engaged by the USGS National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC) to conduct 5-year reviews of the 8 DOI Climate Science Centers (CSC). For Information on the NCCWSC and CSCs, visit: nccwsc.usgs.gov. Potential members are being solicited for two teams to conduct reviews …Read more.


Survey: Continuing Education 

How can AFS help you hone your skills to further your career? Please take our survey to let us know what you would like to see in our expanded Continuing Education program. Click here for survey.


Conserving Coastal and Estuarine Habitats

AFS Policy Director Tom Bigford worked for over two years on the new special issue of Coastal Management magazine. Inspiration stemmed from technical sessions at the 2014 Restore America's Estuaries--The Coastal Society Summit. Click here to read.



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