Recovering America’s Wildlife Act: Talking Points

Some suggestions on what to say when you call your Member of Congress

How to contact your representative

Hello, my name is Drue Winters, and I am a constituent of Representative Raskin and a member of the American Fisheries Society calling to request that he cosponsor ( or support) the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, H.R. 3742. This legislation would provide dedicated funding for proactive conservation of fish and wildlife at-risk of becoming endangered.

State fish and wildlife agencies would direct on the ground conservation funded by this bill.  It’s good for jobs and the economy as well as fish and wildlife, which is why this plan started with buy-in from industry and business. Besides natural resource benefits, H.R. 3742 could also transform outdoor recreation for people of all ages, including children and families. It would be the greatest wildlife conservation breakthrough in decades. I hope that Rep. Raskin will consider co-sponsoring this bill.