Portland Symposia Summary – Wrap-Up

No individual summaries will appear in Fisheries. Readers will be directed to the website, newsletter, or Social Media.

Portland Fisheries Symposia Wrap-Up

Each year, we publish brief recaps of the Annual Meeting symposia in Fisheries Magazine for those who were not able to attend the conference (see the December 2014 issue). By popular demand, we are planning to run similar summaries this year for the 2015 Annual Meeting in Portland, but due to the large number of symposia this year, we will be hosting the summaries on the website instead. A brief article in Fisheries and several social media announcements will direct readers to the web page. Please submit an up-to-200-word summary of your symposium highlighting any new discoveries and recurring themes. In previous years, many symposium organizers have chosen to ask a student to write the summary to provide them with some more visibility and writing experience – whoever writes the recap, please provide the author’s name and affiliation. We also will have space for one photo from each symposium – this can be an interesting photo or graphic from one of the presentations, or a photo of the symposium itself. We can accept most photo formats but the file should be at least 400 kb in size.
Please upload your recap and photo by Monday, September 21. Thanks for your assistance!