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AFS Books Program

...aquatic science. Books are marketed widely and provide an opportunity for experts to share their knowledge not only with AFS members, but also with the fisheries community outside of AFS.... Read More

President’s Plan of Work

...publications (similar to the current Featured Papers program) that are publicly accessible outside of the Society, and aggressively advertise and distribute these. Engage the creators of the “The Fisheries Blog”... Read More

AFS Journals Program journals; print journals require a subscription. Whether you are a member or subscriber or not, you can still receive content alerts whenever new content is available online. How to... Read More

Happy Birthday to USFWS!

...acreages of highly productive, internationally significant wildlife lands to the Refuge System. 1971: Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitats; adopted in Ramsar, Iran, on February 3,... Read More