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Membership Membership in the American Fisheries Society yields many benefits whether you are a student or professional, early or late in your career. The many benefits of society membership range... Read More

Belize Research Experiences for Undergraduates

...and Undergraduate Director of Geosciences at Georgia State University o [email protected] o phone: 404.413.5755 Check it out on the web and share on social media! Read More

Pricing the Priceless

...The word “priceless” is one example. Those unfamiliar with the word might understandably mistake its meaning for “without a price” or without value. Of course, we know it is meant... Read More

AFS Procedures—Society Officers

...AFS President and President-Elect, respectively. Offices of President-Elect, First Vice-President, and Second Vice-President are filled by a ballot election each year. Generally the ballot lists only the current First Vice-President... Read More

Publication Awards

the North American Journal of Fisheries Management Best Paper in the North American Journal of Aquaculture Best Paper in the Journal of Aquatic Animal Health Best Paper in Marine and... Read More